Celebrating Earth Day with our Favourite Environmental Quotes

This year, to celebrate Earth Day, we thought it would be fun to share some of our very favourite environmentalism and sustainability quotes. Over the years, the sentiments in these quotes have inspired us to work hard at developing high-quality, eco-friendly products to help Canadians clean their homes without leaving toxins behind. 

Our commitment to both families and the environment is stronger than ever as we strive to help create and maintain Healthy Homes for Canadians, we hope you enjoy and share this selection of quotes!

1. Alice Walker on Activism 

2. Chinese proverb on Tree Planting

3. Recycling vs. Manufacturing

4. #SaveTheArctic Campaign Poster

5. Dr. Guy McPherson on the Environment 

6. Ed Begley Jr. on Progress 

7. Too bad about the trees... 

8. Ansel Adams on the Environment

9. The earth does not belong to man

10. Defining Environmentalism 

11. Don't forget about the bees!

12. And of course, always Love Your Planet