How to Clean Painted Walls, Trim & Light Switches

You might not realize it, but cleaning your walls, trim and light switches is a crucial part of spring cleaning. A lot of dust, grime, fingerprints and random marks tend to build up on walls, especially in high-traffic areas. Keeping painted walls clean will extend their lifetime and save you time and money in the long run by having to re-paint less often. It's also a very satisfying part of spring cleaning because the results are immediate; you'll find your house brighter and fresher once you are done! Read on for a few quick tips and product suggestions on how to give your whole house a DIY makeover using only micro fibre tools and eco-friendly cleaners! 

1.    Cleaning Painted Walls

When doing a whole-house overhaul that includes cleaning walls, trim and details, you always want to move top to bottom, starting with the walls. From my experience, you’ll be surprised and delighted by what a major difference cleaning your walls can make to the overall cleanliness of your home. Depending on how often your walls get cleaned, and what volume of traffic certain areas receive, this task can either be a lot of work, or surprisingly little.

Grab a ZU Mop with a dry white dusting mop head. Use the mop to grab any loose dust or cobwebs from the top corners of your rooms. Next, run the mop over the entire surface of your walls to capture dust or other particles from the surface of your walls. The flexible mop head, and lightweight construction will allow you do get this job done quickly and easily.

When you are through with the basic dusting, determine whether or not your walls need more attention. If they do, a bucket of plain water and a micro cleaning cloth will often be enough to wipe them clean. If your walls are particularly grimy, mix a few drops of mild dish soap into the bucket. If you are using a lot of soap, or a harsh cleaner, make sure to give your walls a final rinse with plain water. You don’t want sticky, soapy residue attracting dirt to your freshly cleaned walls! Lastly, if there are any especially stubborn spots, our Hard Surface Cleaning paste and a Micro Cleaning Sponge or cloth will easily remove stubborn marks and fingerprints. 

2.    Cleaning Baseboards & Door Frames

Once again, start by giving your door frames a quick dusting, especially at the top. Use the ZU Double Trouble Mitt for this quick pass. Go around your baseboards and crown moulding while you are at it. Next, fill a bucket with soap and a few drops of mild dish detergent; grab a micro cleaning cloth and start working your way around door frames. Since doors tend to see a lot of traffic, you’ll likely need a little bit of soap in the water to remove the fingerprints and general grime that tend to build up around door frames.

Same goes for the baseboards, after a light dusting to pick up hair and dust particles, use a micro cleaning cloth and soapy water or hard surface cleaner to go all around your baseboards. Be conservative with how much soap you use, or you’ll need to wipe everything down with plain water once you are finished. Repeat as necessary for any crown moulding or other trim in your home. The nice thing about using Micro Cleaning Cloths for this tasks is that you can rinse them as often as you need while you are cleaning. Dirt and bacteria will rinse away under hot running tap water, allowing you to clean with the same cloth longer and get better results while you are at it!  

3.    Don’t forget the light switches!

Last but not least, don’t forget to wipe down all of your light switches; the sheer volume of dirty fingerprints and grime that can build up on a light switch is really kind of shocking. There’s nothing quite like a filthy light switch to make you question everything about the cleanliness of your hands! Use a solution of mild dish soap and water to wipe down all of the light switches around your house. For really stubborn dirt that won't respond to soap and water, ZU’s Hard Surface cleaning paste will make quick work of removing the tougher stuff.

It may seem like a lot of work to move through your entire house cleaning walls, trim and light switches, but the overall effect is well worth it! Much like the old tradition of painting a fresh coat of white wash on your walls once a year, wall cleaning is a time-honoured tradition that helps usher in spring and will brighten your entire home!

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