ZU's Stain Removal Guide

When to Use OxyTough vs. Everyday Spot Remover

It's the ultimate Stain Remover Match-up: OxyTough Commercial Stain Remover vs. Everyday Spot Remover! We're answering the question we know you've been asking: "Which product do I use on which type of stain?"

With so many different types of potential stains, and all the various surfaces that stains can happen on, it's no wonder that people ask which product to use in different situations! Take a look at the chart below for a handy guide showing types of potential stains and which product is best for removal. 

Should I use OxyTough or Everyday Spot on this black coffee stain?

As a general rule of thumb, Everyday Spot Remover should be used on soft textile surfaces that will eventually see the inside of the washing machine, such as clothing and bedding. Everyday Spot also works great on upholstered items. OxyTough Commercial Stain Remover is best used on non-machine washable items such as carpeting, upholstery, car interiors etc. OxyTough is highly effective against tough stains caused by coffee, wine and bodily fluids.

Both products are all natural and completely toxin free, allowing you to fight stains with the power of enzymes instead of bleach or harsh chemicals. There is no concern about leaving toxins behind in place of the stain. OxyTough evaporates completely, lifting stains and odours by breaking down organic compounds. Everyday Spot will wash away along with the stain in your next load of laundry. 

Note: It should go without saying, but always test both OxyTough and Everyday Spot Remover in an inconspicuous area first to ensure colourfastness of fabric. When using OxyTough, do not rub or blot, if the stain persists after 24 hours, spray the affected area again for a double-dose of stain lifting action! ZU Collection is not responsible for stains or damage to your items, the above information is a guideline only.

If you have questions about either of our featured stain removal products get in touch: info@zucollection.com. Or leave us a question in the comment section!